Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Time for another post!

Blogging is therapeutic for me. Not sure why...

Anyway, my mother is traveling today from one end of the country to the other today. (west to east) Safe travels to her.

On the home front (anyone ever watch that show with Kyle Chandler??), we have a new dining room table. Actually, it's a breakfast nook thing, but I'm not complaining. The price was right and it fit our space and we now have someplace to eat other than in the living room in front of the boob tube. Sonshine also has a better place to do homework. (picture courtesy of Sears)

More changes will be coming down the pipe at home. The children are not/will not be pleased, but I have to learn that this is okay. Children don't have to be pleased. *I* have to be pleased.

Two other smaller projects were accomplished last night after the table was assembled and dinner eaten. My electric can opener was finally 'installed' after about four years of it living on the top corner of the microwave. Now it's attached to the underside of cabinet where it belongs. And my wooden swag holders were re-attached to their screws in the living room. Now I just need to buy new swags to match the living room decor. :)

On the writing new words this week. Still struggling through revisions. I've learned that I'm not a one-pass revisionist. I produce better drivel when I work in waves, focusing on one or two things at a time.

So what good/exciting things have happened to you this week?

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