Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday's looking a little fishy...

The weekend was very productive and I'm pleased with my writing progress. Along with over 2K words, I got a lot of chores done and partway through the task of hanging up Sonshine's Star Wars ships made of Legos. One more ship to go.

One of my dogs suffers allergies, both from grass (and this is the dog that rolls around in the grass on a daily basis) and from grain additives in her food. My local grocery store no longer carries a big enough bag of the stuff I was feeding her, so a trip to Pet Smart was in order. Both so I could find a gluten-free brand and so I could buy a bag big enough to feed two large dogs for at least a week. I asked Sonshine if he wanted to go. He said only if he could get a fish. Huh? Well, I said okay but that it would have to be a gold fish since we already had a bowl and rocks and a plant. He was okay with that.

While I scoped out dog food, Sonshine and his sister checked out the fish.

Well, $83 later we walked out with a huge bag of dog food and a 3.5 gallon aquarium. Pet Smart's gold fish are used to filtered water and would die in a bowl. Lovely. But I owed him some allowances, so I agreed to the upgrade.

He dutifully cleaned off his dresser and setup his new aquarium according to the directions and has been anxiously awaiting today. The directions said the water had to run through the filter for approximately 48 hours before adding fish.

So today, if he's feeling up to it (he woke up with a very sore throat and a headache), we will head back to Pet Smart to buy fish and food. :)

It tickles me that he's so excited about a couple of fish.

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