Monday, April 23, 2012

Boredom is at an end...

Yes, I think my boredom has waned and now it's back to business as usual.

On Friday, I got home from my CP's house to the news that it was highly likely I was going to have fork out hundreds of dollars to buy a new fridge--or at the very least haul the one we use at the office back home.

So if the fridge was no longer working, why wasn't all the stuff moved into an ice chest or two or three? Plus we have a chest freezer, so all the frozen stuff could be saved. That stuff I moved. But I left the stuff in the fridge. I don't know why.

Saturday was the day of meetings, writer and critique group, but upon waking, I decide to see what I could salvage. So while I'm gone to the store to buy ice, hubby decides to unplug the fridge and then take it apart.

Long story short, I head off for my day, determined not to worry about the fridge. After all, it'll still be there when I get home, right? Well, wonder of wonders, when I get home, my fridge had been fixed. For less than $85 and with a bit of research and elbow grease, my hubby had replaced the broken part. The fridge runs great now--and much quieter than before. And it's now *clean* on the inside. Not only did I throw away a lot of old stuff (condiments mostly), but we actually *hot soapy water* cleaned it. Okay, not really, but my bottle of Fantastic got a good workout.

Saturday, I received my charm bracelet and first charm for the book in a year writing incentive program I'm participating in. I think it's going to go a long way to helping me stay focused on my revisions. Now that I have it and can see it and touch it, it'll be a constant reminder to keep on keeping on. Which is especially important now as I'm going to be revising the first story and writing the second. A dual task, I've not done till now.

Speaking of writing that second story, on Saturday, my dear lovely CPs (minus one) helped me fine tune some of my story points, and yesterday, I banged out the first 1005 words.

It's back to the weekly writing goal of 3K, by the way. So I'm on track so far. This morning, I worked on the revisions of the first one. Some time today, I'm shooting for 250 new words on book two.

I also continued my simultaneous re-watches of Friday Night Lights and Glee this weekend, and last night (for another online project) I watched the movie 28 Days starring Sandra Bullock, whom I really like, with a little Viggo Mortenson thrown in (mmm...). Complete drama, a little slow at the beginning for me, but I liked it.

And now it's Monday again and the start of a new writing month (my writing months are from one writers group meeting to the next). With the new writing month comes new goal, and I am ready to go.

Have a great week.

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