Friday, April 27, 2012

Mars and Venus and Writing Charms

Mars and Venus were both visible to the naked eye from where I live last night. I hadn't realized Mars *could* be seen with the naked eye, but DD pointed it out. A quick look at my Star Chart app on the iPad confirmed it. How cool is that? Of course, Venus can be seen quite often and, in fact, has been hanging around in the same general vicinity for at least a month or so. And with the help of the star chart app I also saw the star Regulus just to the right of Mars. Only a point of excitement to me because of J.K. Rowling--one of her main cast of characters in her Harry Potter books, the Black family, names all their children after stars, and one was indeed named Regulus.

And just FYI, Pluto is no longer a planet because its orbit is apparently not on the same plane as the rest of them...hmmm.

Writing charms--i haz them. I know I've mentioned the Book in a Year program that my writing chapter is offering and that I am participating in. Basically, the goal is to write 6250 words a month or more, if you so choose to raise the bar for yourself. I probably could, but decided not to for personal reasons.

Officially, the program, i.e. the word counting started with our March 2012 meeting. But the coordinator offered to let all words written from the time you signed up count toward that first charm. I signed up March 10th. And between March 10th and March 17th (meeting day) I earned my first charm. That meant that any and all words I wrote between 03.17 and 04.21 (the next meeting), all 8100+ of them, were superfluous as far as the incentive was concerned.

That was unacceptable to me. So I decided to buy myself a charm to celebrate those words as well as the fact that I started truly revising that first book. Something I'd never done before.

So here is my charm bracelet. The hat is from the chapter and the heart-shaped lock is from me. It came with a key, but I haven't earned that one yet.

The reason I chose them was because they were the only ones that really jumped out me. It came as a set, otherwise I would just have bought one. But as I was contemplating them, I realized they chose me...

I've always struggled with really and truly finishing a manuscript. I get close and then I start something new.

A writer friend of mine is constantly telling me: Just write the beginning, the middle, and the end. And then do it again. And again.

So the lock and key symbolizes the key to unlocking the publishing lock is just to write: the beginning, the middle and the end. And then do it again.

I'm thinking that I'll give myself that key when book one, Always Ready, is finished and polished and has been submitted to a publisher.

Aside from all that, it feels good to be writing again. I've got good goals for the weekend and I'm ready to write.

The beginning.

The middle.

The end.

Have a good one!


Ally Broadfield said...

Wonderful blog, Jen. I used to have the same problem with finishing an entire manuscript. I finally cured the problem by writing a novella. Of course I spent way too much time editing it considering the length(we're talking months here), but it's now on submission with a publisher and I've finished a full manuscript since then. I do like your idea of self-rewards. Hmmm.

C. A. Szarek said...

This is so awesome Jen. I am proud of you, and tho I am writing steadily, you inspire me to write more. Wow. Awesome idea, and I am glad you have set the bar so high for yourself. I KNOW you can do it.

Marsha said...

Congrats, Jen, for getting back into writing. We all have challenges in this business. Thanks for sharing how you're dealing with one of yours. It's inspirational and I know will help many others.

Nancy C said...

Way to go, Jen!

Soooo glad you're writing again.

Whenever you need a "you can do it" cheer, let me know.

Nancy C

Mary Marvella said...

An interesting blog and a great idea.

Clover Autrey said...

That's awesome Jen. I really like that charm. Good for you.