Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm so bored...

An unusual phenomenon for me, but for the last few days, man, I've been at loose ends. No desire to read, I'm busy revising rather than writing. Not in the mood to watch movies more than once a week. So I've taken to re-watching favorite TV shows: Friday Night Lights and Glee. I love these shows. Mainly because they're just plain good story-telling. FNL more than Glee, but they are slightly different animals.

FNL is a drama, a compelling drama. Sure, it has its moments of melodrama and wtf, but it's good 99% of the time. And, fyi, it's not about football. It's about the people who live, eat and breath football in a small Texas town. Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor was my draw. I love love love me some Kyle Chandler. Finding new talent and an awesome show was a bonus.

Glee is a comedy. Sometimes silly, sometimes over the top, but it's campy and fun and most of the time, the music is awesome. I've been introduced to some great music in genres I don't normally listen to. On the flip side, the younger generations are being exposed to music from the past and in genres they might not otherwise be open to. Make no mistake, though, Glee is not a children's show. As a parent, I'd be hard-pressed to allow any child of mine under sixteen to watch it. But I love it. There are some awfully talented young people on this show.

On another note, it's Friday. YAY. Tomorrow is the third Saturday, which means writing group and critique group meets tomorrow. YAY. I'll probably fill the rest of the weekend watching my shows and cleaning house.

Do you have big plans for the weekend?

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C. A. Szarek said...

I find myself restless and bored as well. I don't want to read, totally blocked on my WIP and really stressed...I been watching way too much TV, too, but instead of relaxing me, it seems to stress me out cuz I feel like I should be writing. Oh well, hope it will come back to me soon.