Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sonshine's Room

Looks fabulous!

Flooring and baseboard molding is installed. Door casings installed. Window casing installed.

All that's left is the quarter round for the "crown molding" and trim all the way around the room where two paint colors meet.

Today we have the day off, at least from the workers. We'll be painting/installing the quarter round tonight. I think. I'll also be touching up the walls where furniture has rubbed or rough-and-tumble boy has scraped the color off.

My hallway is that same floor, though they've stopped just on the other side of Sonshine's door. They'll continue down the hall once his room is done.

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mtnchild said...

Looks really nice - now if you can keep sonshine off the walls! I can't wait until you show pictures of the completed job - all of it; your room too.