Monday, August 15, 2011

It Rained!!

For about 4.5/5 hours Saturday morning.

I think it started somewhere around 4am, though that's a guess, and it rained until 8:30/9am. It didn't rain as hard as I would have liked for all that time, but beggars can't be choosers, I know.

Saturday remained "cool" only reaching the mid-80s temperature wise. Sunday was a little warmer, though I don't think we broke 100*. But today we're back to triple digits.

The house is 98% done. Now it's time to put it all back together. My FIL starts a new job today and will return next weekend to finish up minor things.

Tonight, I'll go over my new bedroom floor with a couple of coats of Mop n' Glo before moving my furniture back in there. I'll dust my ceiling fan and all the shelves and decorations. Then each piece of furniture will also be wiped down before it gets to return home.

Unfortunately, our bed money had to be spent to buy additional boxes of flooring, so no new bed anytime soon. :( I will have to buy new sheets though.

Once we're back in our room, we'll work on getting Sonshine's room put back together. His room & furniture will undergo similar cleaning in the process. Despite his penchant for falling asleep on the couch, he is looking forward to getting his own bed back.

I did get to enjoy my writing room yesterday though my bed's still in it and I didn't actually write. I cross-stitched and listened to music. It was nice and cool and quiet. :)

Pictures tomorrow.


mtnchild said...

Sounds like you almost have a new house! I should get off my fat butt and get some house things done here too, but I've been enjoying our nice 80+ degree weather too. With the new roof & windows my house stays cooler than ever before, but I do wish it would get to at least 75! I almost have to change clothes to go in and out here ...

I hope you get some "bed" money put aside soon - a bad bed is not good for you.
Love you

Marty Tidwell said...

Cross stitching. I used to do that! It's so relaxing. Sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.