Thursday, August 11, 2011

The end is in sight...I hope. But not.

RE: home improvement

DD's room will be finished today. The new molding is up and painted. FIL will be touching up the walls around the molding where it's all raggedy from pulling down the old molding. She'll begin moving back in tonight.

With DD out of Sonshine's room, we have two choices--move our bed into Sonshine's room and leave him on the sofa for another week or allow him back into his room and move into the home office. If we do the latter, we'll have to move all of MIL/FIL's equipment and supplies into the kitchen. Which is not a big deal.

They are also working on the hallway. New molding has gone up in there as well and walls are being painted.

Then our bedroom. New flooring and new molding.

THEN back to normal and cleaning up. My floors have not been mopped in probably three weeks. My backyard is a disaster area. My front yard needs some serious TLC.


Tomorrow we tie the record of 42 days in a row of over 100* temps, Saturday we break it and there's no end in sight...not for ten days at least. We have a 30% chance of rain Saturday, but I doubt we'll see it.



mtnchild said...

You are moving right along!

You should move into Sonshine's room. He shouldn't mind the couch for another few days ... or does he. It sounds easier.

Sorry about the record you are about to break, I don't know how you do it!! It has only hit the lower 90's for a few days here - and no humidity!! Mostly we stay in the 80's. The humidity is so low it scares me, around 20-30% and that is in the mornings. We haven't had any fires (knock on wood!!!!) yet this year, but it keeps getting drier and deader. Say a prayer for us.

Love you

Regina Richards said...

Sounds like when these temps let up you'll have your inside tasks complete for a while and be ready to enjoy the cooler fall temps both outdoors and indoors. Wish i could say the same.