Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Record Breaker/End Times

According to the 10-day forecast for our area, it looks as if we're going to break the 42-day in a row over 100* record made back in 1980.

We've (that's a relative term encompassing all of Texas at the moment) have been suffering drought-like conditions for several years now and lakes, rivers and reservoirs are getting lower and lower.

The reservoir at San Angelo State Park is so low that all the life within it has died and the resulting decay and bacteria has caused the water to turn blood red in color. A preacher in Indiana has hypothesized the beginning of the End Times. Read this article and this one for more details. Of course most people are going to dismiss the notion, but I really don't think it's so far fetched. Just because there's a scientific reason to explain it, doesn't mean it's not related.

I personally DO believe the world is now on the path to Armegeddon. Do I think it's going to happen any time soon? Depending on your definition of soon, as in the next two or five or ten years, I think ten years is possible. If you're not of a mind to believe in God and in the Bible then, of course, all this is a bunch of hooey.

The Bible can be quite the dry read, but Joel Rosenberg has penned a series of five books (all fiction, this link goes to the first book on chronicling an End Times scenario and steeped in thorough research of End Times prophecy. Even if you don't buy into God, the Bible, and End Times prophecy, the books are all immensely good reads if you enjoy political thrillers.

A bit of a turn from my original intended topic, but we'll get back to our regularly scheduled posts on remodeling and other shallow stuff. :)

Keep cool/stay hydrated.

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