Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Still working...

...on my room. I didn't do TOO much last night, but I did something. Which is better than letting it come to a standstill again.

I painted the door molding, one coat. It's still a bit streaky so I'll have to take care with the second and possibly third coats.

I touched up the wall right underneath the chair rail molding where I inadvertently kept brushing against it with my white paint brush while I was painting the molding. I'll check it tonight and see if I've completely covered all those white spots.

Tidied up the paint job on the molding around the white wall. See the wall isn't an original wall. We built it to create an office many years ago before we moved into official office space and gave that room to our older daughter. And we used paneling rather than sheet rock which would have needed taping and bedding. So that means there's a strip of molding all the way around the wall to hide the seams. (It was cheaper and easier at the time and money was much tighter.)

I didn't give a third coat to my accoutrements--the peg rack and the shelf brackets. Just didn't feel like it.

Tonight--more DAP around those aforementioned seams,a second coat on the door molding and possibly a third coat on the shelf brackets. I may also stop at The Home Depot to buy pretty white outlets, outlet covers and a solid plate cover for a spot where there used to be a switch.

After all of should be time to work on the floor. That's the part I'm excited about.

I have some lovely flower pictures from a calendar that I'm going to frame and hang. I'm going to get some pretty white shelves and a pretty white desk and chair. I'll need some cushions for my two wicker chairs. And I have a lovely green bookcase that will be moved in there once the floor is done.


Regina Richards said...

Wow, you are getting o much accomplished. Even though I'm hiding in the house in the air conditioning I feel like the heat is exhausting me.

We are going to try to make it over to Jen's Firework Frenzy on Sunday. We have a family reunion thing south of Dallas that day and hope to get away in time to stop by.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Oh, wow, that would be so cool to see you and your family. Bring a cooler and some hydration and some fold-up camp chairs!!