Monday, June 27, 2011

Progress... (update)

As planned, the molding in my spare room received its second coat as did the wall and the door.


I also DAPped along the top of the chair-rail molding and around the window. looks so nice. :)

Next up on the agenda: install the door knob and paint the molding around the door and DAP it as well.

I also found a desk and a chair today--though I have to order it online.

And I'm going to buy another faux wicker chair so I have a pair.


mtnchild said...

Are you staying busy inside because it is sooo hot outside?
Are you DAP-ing after you paint? Shouldn't that be before ... just asking.

You will need to take some pictures after you get done.

Have fun furnishing your new room!
Love you,

Jen FitzGerald said...

Doing it after to hide the jagged lines of my paint job. If you do a neat job then it can look really nice. And so far I've managed to do a clean job of the DAPping. :)

And yes it's too damn hot to spend much time outside.