Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Don't Even Know!

I feel like I have the attention span of a flea. I flit from one thing to the next, never able to--despite my best intentions--to stick with anything.

I'm going to do this, I'm going to that. PAH!

I'm going to walk every day, I'm going to fill a yard bag every day, I'm going to do a load of laundry every day. Hmm... Not that I planned to accomplish all three things every day. Just one.

And have I? Well, after a band parent meeting, I did do a load of laundry last night, so that's good.

Writing has been relegated to the early mornings now. That's okay, though, it's usually the best time. Everyone else is asleep and the house is quiet. (Well, except for the dogs.)

I'm feeling a bit restless and bored of late.

Though, I'm not sweating it, the writing is mostly at a trickle. I've been reading and watching a bit of TV. Now with this band booster thing, I'll be busy--there's a lot to get a handle on and fix.

And when the men are out of my hair, there will be house projects to finish.

So--nothing exciting here except a place to record my random thoughts. :)

Well, back to work.


mtnchild said...

You are your Mothers daughter!!! I go through the same thing. I feel I have lots and lots of time to get things done, and I sit on the computer for hours, "do something", sit and knit, "do something", work on laundry, fix something to eat - not healthy meals mind you, but just something to fill my stomach for a while
Since the house insurance is due in June and the camper registration in July, I'm tightening the belt for a while. I can knit, I can sew, but not before I clean the craft room of "chicken dust". I think you get the picture ... LOL.
Love you,

Regina Richards said...

I get a lot done each day but it always seems to be stuff for other people rather than the things I want to do. Ikeep telling myself in just two years they'll all be off at college and I'll wish they were here taking up all my time. Life's always feast or famine I suppose.