Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Getting Serious

Again. :)

My critique group is up to five members now. We enlisted two new recruits this weekend. One gal is e-published and not new to writing, the other is the newbie. Both are lovely and fun women.

Now that we've got these two new writers, there can be no more lackadaisical behavior by the rest of us. It's back to the grindstone, back to writing. Or at least back to editing/revising for me. I have a handful of stories that are almost done. My goal is to get these suckers complete. Some are short stories, some are full-length novels, though on the lighter end of the word count requirements. We'll see how it goes.

My college plans will have to wait until the spring semester of 2012. Not because I'm not flip flopping, but after really thinking about what I've got going on this fall--mostly band/band booster related stuff for Sonshine, there's just no good time for me to attend class and complete homework. Plus with being unable to sell fireworks, that means DD's fall tuition will be out of pocket. And she's more important than me at the moment.

The weather has eased slightly with temps only in the low to mid-nineties today and probably for the rest of the week.

Speaking of selling fireworks...the Venus VFD finally called hubby back. They are doing the pop & shoot as long as no order is issued in their county banning the sale/use of fireworks there. Also, they moved, so there'll be a new location. As a side note, it's possible, though unlikely we actually could sell fireworks. Apparently the original order issued by the McLennan County judge had to be ratified by the governor within 48 hours for it to remain in effect. Well, that didn't happen and the judge had to issue a new order. The wording on this one however might just have a loophole. It says no sales in unincorporated areas of the county. And while the store is indeed in an unincorporated town, the old fireworks stand is not. The city of Leroy is incorporated!! Unfortunately, there's no longer electricity or phone service there and it would take a lot of time and effort to get everything in place to be able to sell from the stand. And the money we might make would barely cover the expenses hubby has incurred already this season and that doesn't include the cost of the inventory we bought. I'd much rather cut our losses and do a show. I miss doing shows.


Regina Richards said...

Mothers. We're always putting what we want and need on hold until the kids needs are met. It's the right thing to do most of the time. But every once in a while...

Anyway, glad your crit group is being infused with new energy. I joined a group here in Denton. Their is an adjustment period where I'm learning to deal with all the various personalities, but so far it has been helpful as far as my work is concerned.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Good for you, Regina!

I am learning to be a leader and to and to be forthright, though kind, in my responses. I am prone to being impatient and sarcastic and must learn to present a kind face and a kinder tone to the people I deal with. It's especially hard when something seems so obvious or simple to me and other people don't get it. :)

Regina Richards said...

And there are some who refuse to get it. There is one talented young writer in our group who could really have a shot at a career, but she can't take ANY criticism. She'll take compliments only. She won't even let us finish the sentence if she thinks it's going t be a criticism. So I think her chances of making it are slim until she cares more about being a good writer than about keeping her illusions.

I am learning from her though. Though she can't take crits she can give them and some of her advice is very good.