Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A reprieve...

No event this coming Saturday. It was postponed for three weeks. Whew!

So this morning, I went into the local grocery store on my way to work to purchase lunch for hubby and myself. I bought two things and two things only. My receipt is -- no joke -- 16.5 inches long. Maybe if they didn't add all kinds of crap to the receipt I *never* read they wouldn't have to spend so much money on replacement rolls. Or better yet, why don't they (like the gas stations) ask me if I even want my receipt. Most of the time, I'd say no.

On a scale of 1 to 10, one being bad and ten being good, I'd have to rank today a 2. I think.

Hope your day is going better than mine.


mtnchild said...

... and I spent $58 and my receipt is only 9 1/2 inches long ... of course if you tape all the receipts from today it would probably be as long as yours!

I bet you're happy to have a Saturday to yourself. Of course, then again, tomorrow is the boy's Birthday. Are you doing anything special for him? I know he's growing to be a young man, but please give him a hug and a kiss from this grandma ... please?

Jen FitzGerald said...

Marching band boy wants to go to Red Lobster for his birthday dinner. He loves crab legs!

Then birthday prezzies, of course. Still don't know what we're buying him. That'll be a tomorrow errand for DD, I guess.

Anonymous said...

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Regina Richards said...

Glad you're getting a day off.

Okay, reality check, you're a wife and mother so there aren't really any days off unless you leave town alone. But glad your having a more relaxed Saturday. :)