Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's Christmas, Charlie Brown

Yes, I have completed my annual watching of this classic Christmas cartoon. Although I have done none of my other traditional activities such as the Redneck Gingerbread House (this from '05):

(That's GI Snow on the left there--our minuscule attempt at honoring the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces.)

Shopping is 99% complete--with 1.5 days to spare. Wrapping is in progress. Plans are set.


All that's really left is to drive down Friday afternoon with presents, stuffed stockings and stinky dogs smushed into our Scion xB. Hmmm...

We'll be spending Christmas eve at my mother-in-law's house (about 12 m. east of the fireworks store) and then spending Christmas day at the store (a new tradition in the making).

Merry Christmas to all...


Regina Richards said...

Are fireworks a big Christmas Day seller? I'm guessing people use them for New Year's celebrations, but do they actually come out on Christmas to buy them? I never would have guessed that. I'm usually tucked in my house eating and napping and napping and eating.

Regina Richards said...

Oh, I love GI Snow!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Actually, people do buy fireworks on Christmas Day. But, just like all the other days of the selling season except the last 3 or 4, there usually aren't any customers until late afternoon and into the evening. The store is usually open from 8am to midnight.

Most of the time, the boy sits about playing video games. Hubby sometimes plays with him or he watches Netflix on his iPad or works remotely.