Monday, December 13, 2010

No Rest for the Weary/Wicked...

Today is the ninth day on my own. And between all the work at work and the weekend activities, I am exhausted and there's no real rest to be had for some time to come.

This past Saturday was my writing chapter's Christmas party, which was fun. Before and after that I had laundry to do as I had not done it in two weeks and certain family members were starting to feel the hardship. Sunday, I had to work the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

I thought I was going to get some down time as we didn't have to report the stadium until 1:30, but...hubby had gotten up in the wee hours with a rumbly tummy and woke up when I got up and then marching band boy awakened shortly thereafter. No quiet time to write then. They boys took their own sweet time getting the heck out of the house but by that time DD and I needed to make a trip to a store to find a specific item or two for the band director's Christmas gift bag, not to mention a bit of chocolate to put in all the band kids' goody bags. Back to home to assemble goody bags and rest before work. But I'd miscalculated the number of kids and we needed more candy. So DD drove back to the store while I lay on the sofa and watched an episode of Stargate: Atlantis and rested.

Today, DD will be baking 160+ so snicker doodles to go into the goody bags (4 cookies each x 40, plus the band director and extras for the family). They will be handed out tonight after the band concert.

But that means another late-ish night although not as late as last night ( 11:30). I couldn't even get up early this morning to write...I was too exhausted.

December is my least favorite month of the year for myriad reasons. And this year is more crazy than usual when I really need it to be less crazy. At least it only lasts for 31 days. Twelve down, nineteen to go...bah!

Hope your Christmas or Hanukkah preparations are going smoothly. :)


mtnchild said...

Phew!!! I'm tired just reading this. I think you need to come see me here in my boring house come January.

There is very rarely anything that has to be done RIGHT NOW! It all gets done in time. Maybe there is a little rush on to finish the beaded ornaments, but I haven't hit panic mode yet.

I know you get tired of me asking ... but what is the latest on Katie ...? Even if I'm way out here in Oregon, I love them all so much!

Take a green tea break, some deep breaths, and you wiill get through it all.
Love you, Mom

Regina Richards said...

Hope your Christmas slows down a bit after school lets out. :)