Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just me...

We let a couple of people go. I mean that technically we fired them. But that just has bad connotations to me. Although for the most part I dislike using euphemisms (most especially 'passed away' in place of 'died'), but I digress...

We just couldn't afford to pay them, so we...let them go. (My jury is still out on that. The wording, not the deed.)

Regardless, I now have to answer the phones. UGH! I hate answering the phones. I no longer have a gate keeper. I have become the gate keeper. nonononono...

I also have to clean the office, but I think I'm going to pay DD to do that. She could use the money.

Oh, and in honor of the month and the season, see new icon. I loves Christmas lights. Don't know why, but I do, and have inadvertently, now vertently (is that a word?), been collecting them.

And, no, vertant or advertant are not real words. Doncha just love the English language? :)


mtnchild said...

I sure hope you and Dan are still above water!?!?! Things just seem to be getting worse with the country. Texas is suppose to be the state least affected by this whole downturn, but then I don't know what's happening on the local levels.

You have been spoiled!! Answering phones ... bwa ha ha ha .... you are now a secretary, oops, or is that an administrative assistant? But I thought you were the administration??

I'm not making light of your situation, but you still have to be able to laugh a bit.
Love you,

Regina Richards said...

I'd rather clean than answer phones, but that's just me.

And I think 'let them go' is the best wordage. Fired to me means they did something wrong. Let go to me means they simply got caught up in something beyond their or your control.

Jen FitzGerald said...

Mom--the letting go of the employees will allow us to get above the water. And I'm chief cook and bottle washer.

Regina--that's my thought too. Neither did anything wrong, we just couldn't afford to keep them on any longer.