Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bring on 2011!

The year started bad, was awful most of the way through, and ended bad. I can't recall ever feeling so relieved that a year was over. I have dubbed it the 'year from hell.'

Things can only get better right? (I suppose they could get worse, but we're thinking positively here.)

"They" say the economy is finally starting to improve, so hopefully some of that will trickle our way so that at the very least we keep our heads above water.

I don't have any real resolutions as the new year looms. Mostly to get back to eating better, cut back on the sugar and the carbs and eat more protein. And exercise. I need to start walking again, but when it gets too nippy around here--I hate being cold--then my motivation to do that drops to zero. I'll have to start up with our Wii again. There's an aerobics section--I can plug my ear buds in and listen to my music and do a little step aerobics. There's also some Yoga moves in there. I do some of those for stretching and conditioning purposes.

Of course, the biggest question is: when? When can I carve out 10 to 15 to 20 minutes to do this? Early morning does not appeal to me at all, though I do get up early every day. But that's my quiet writing time. By the end of the day, I'm ready to relax. So I guess that means lunch time...we'll see if I can arrange that.

So here's to a better, healthier, more prosperous new year for us all.


mtnchild said...

A happy, healthy new year to all of you. I don't do resolutions any more, they always seem to fall by the wayside.

It is not a matter of "carving" out time - that makes exercising a chore! After you write in the mornings what do you do next? This should be the time you pull out the Wii and get the blood flowing so you are fresh for the rest of the day.

I should follow my own advise ...

Love you all,

Wendy S Marcus said...

Hi Jen!
Sorry 2010 was a bust. Fingers crossed 2011 will be better. I can't exercise in the mornings, especially cold mornings when I put off getting out of bed for as long as possible. I do the treadmill (sporadically at best although I plan to improve) about an hour after dinner. It warms me up and calms me down. (And makes me feel less guilty about whatever sweet treat I indulged in after my meal!) Weather permitting, I take my dog on a long walk at lunchtime. It's the perfect break from writing and I usually come back inside with some great ideas.

Regina Richards said...

I spent the actual New Year taking care of my mom in Oklahoma. So I am starting my personal new year on the 4th when the two youngest kids go back to school.

Here's wishing you a much brighter happier 2011!