Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Since when do I have allergies...? :)

I've been pretty healthy and malady free all my life. I grew up in Southern California and moved to the Omaha, NE area as a young adult. Never suffered an allergy in my life. Now, eleven years in Texas and I am an annual allergy sufferer.

I realize I'm older now and my body's changed over the years, and the "stuff" here in Texas is different than the "stuff" in California or Nebraska.

I'm not really complaining. I mean, I don't feel bad. I just have mildly itchy eyes and nose and am doing a lot of sneezing. My ears are a bit itchy today, so it may be morphing into a cold. I can go without taking allergy medication unless I'm outside for extended periods of time--which I have been with marching band boy's football games and competitions. (Last competition--the big one--is this coming Saturday.)

I wonder if marching band boy will develop allergies at some point in his life. And the only reason I mention it is because we moved to Texas from Nebraska when he was 31/2 years old; and right before we left, he'd had an ear infection. (He had his fair share, though not chronically.) He got antibiotics and the doctor said to bring him back in a couple of weeks for a re-check. And when I mentioned we were moving to Texas the doctor basically said that my son would probably never have another ear infection then. And once we moved to Texas he never did. Amazing!


mtnchild said...

I understand the allergy thing as I can start sneezing out of the blue, but I've never had the puffy eyes. It isn't something I worry about ... except when I don't have a tissue ...

No, you never had anything resembling an allergy when you were little, um, aah, younger. In the pic with the boy, you still look 'little' ... sorry.
Love you

Regina Richards said...

I never knew what an allergy was until I moved to Texas. Love it here, but the minute my hubby retires we'll be vacation away from Texas during my allergy season (Sept 15 - first frost).