Friday, October 22, 2010


Well...this week's football game was last night and our team whooped some butt! It was also parent night and the band members honored their parents and others who have helped support them by playing "Wind Beneath My Wings." It was a very nice gesture, but I really dislike that song. It was way overplayed when it first came out.

The band director bought individually packaged fake roses for the kids to hand out to their parents or others who support them. I got MBB's of course. And one other sweet young man said if he had a second one he'd give it to me. Aww...!

And we parents didn't have to haul anything around during half-time. No props, no drum major stand, nothing. Of course, before and after half time, it was business as usual. One dad drives the truck that hauls the instruments to and from events, and DD and I provide the snacks and hand them out right after their half time performance. And make sure they all throw their trash away rather than leave it on the ground. And amazingly enough, even after I've hollered about doing just that, I still find random empty wrappers or soda cans or water bottles on the ground after they've all trooped back to the stands.

But it's Friday. We've survived another week.

Have a great weekend.


Wendy S Marcus said...

Hi Jen!
My son's soccer team does something similar for the parents of the senior players. Before the last home game of the season, the parents get called onto the field and their son gives them a flower and a hug. It was sad though, because this year two of the seniors' parents didn't make the game. We do so much for our children, and getting recognized for it, while not necessary, is very much appreciated.

Regina Richards said...

Your son is lucky to have a parent who is so involved. That's one well-deserved rose.

Jen FitzGerald said...

It is much appreciated. I think next year, I might suggest she let me take over this little project.

While the thought and gesture was appreciated, the rose seemed like the cheap gas station variety. And I realize we have a budget...

I'd like to see something a little more substantial with maybe some curling ribbon of the school colors tied to the flower (and of course curled. :)

At least it would look like a little more thought and effort went into the endeavor.