Friday, October 8, 2010

One of those days...

The day started off with potential, but that quickly went out the window when not one, but two clients called with serious issues. Issues that can be directly related to one certain employee. One we wanted to disemploy but now can't, at least not right away, because one other employee gave notice. Another employee texted in sick. How convenient that it's Friday. I hope he's looking for a job, 'cause I really have no use for this guy.

Hubby was going to try to go out on the boat today, but those plans have probably been derailed due to the above mentioned client issues. One client has now lost faith in said employee's competence and no longer wants him to service their company. Can't say as I blame her. However, this now means that hubby is the only one left to do so. Being a PC tech is not what he wants to do with his time.

As for me, cranky hubby means stressed Jen, so hopefully the issues can be resolved in a timely fashion and hubby can try to get that trip to the lake. Plus, we haz football game/marching band tonight. I have to be out of the office by 5ish (although I'd rather leave earlier if I can) in order to get home, eat dinner, get DD and band snacks and get to the school to help load and then get on the bus.

Tomorrow is a marching band competition almost 2 hours away. We have to be at the school by 8:30 am. I will get to sleep in since I'm usually up by 6:30, but since I probably won't get home and sleepy before 11 or 12 tonight, that 'sleeping in' isn't going to mean much. :)

And Sunday is a Cowboy event--the Dallas Cowboys play and the band is working a concession stand at the game. The band director has put out a call for workers, but I can't answer this one. I have been at/worked every band event so far. I'm talking football games, band competitions, AND Cowboy's events. Every single one. And after tonight's game and tomorrow's competition, I'm not going to be in any condition to be on my feet and working my ass off for nine hours. I feel a bit bad, but I just can't do it. A few other parents need to step up.

That is all.

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Regina Richards said...

It's always something in life, isn't it? You have a good attitude toward it all though, so I know you'll deal. Just wish you didn't have to.