Monday, October 18, 2010


It's fall, it's fall here in Texas and, while it's fairly short-lived, it's beautiful and wonderful and fall. It's my favorite season. Man, now I wish I had a picture. The leaves are turning colors and the acorns are dropping like, well, acorns. The day temperatures fluctuate but the nights are blessedly cool and I love to sleep with the windows open. Canned pumpkin should be hitting the shelves any day now and I will be stocking up! I haven't had pumpkin cake in over a year. Argh!

Marching band season has come to a close. (Thank goodness!) Marching band boy and his marching band compadres competed at UIL this past Saturday, scoring a 1-2-2, despite my section of the prop falling forward. The band director was well pleased and so, then, were the rest of us. Our poor little band had quite a few hurdles to overcome so the score were a testament to how hard this little-band-that-could worked. Construction at the high school over the summer meant they had to move to one of the middle schools for practices. Then there was the Texas heat; August here is hot, hot, hot, so sometimes it was just too hot to practice outside on the field. Then the district instituted an A/B schedule at the high school this year which meant band itself officially met only every other day: three days one week, two days the next, and so on. To their credit, every member attended every extra practice even when it was called last minute. And last but not least, the six-week grading period ended October 1st and the band lost five members, bringing its number down to like thirty members. This meant some finagling of the program to account for the missing bodies/instruments. So now...we have three more football games to play unless our football team makes it to the playoffs and I really have no idea what their chances are. I hope they make it, but then again... :)

I watched most of the second Harry Potter movie on Thursday, but started falling asleep, so I still have that to finish and move on to the others. Friday night was the football game and home late, Saturday MBB had friends over so they were busy doing what boys do: playing video games, wrestling, making a mess in the kitchen, Sunday night was read, rest, relax in preparation for the work week. We may get to the next film tonight, we may not. I'm suddenly in reading mode.

And how about those Texas Rangers?? This is their first time in the American League playoffs ever. With a win and a loss against the NY Yankees, they play tonight in New York. Go Rangers!

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Regina Richards said...

Congrats to the Band! And horray for the band parents because they can take a moments breather - I hope.