Thursday, May 18, 2023

World Bee Day ~ May 20


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Celebrate the bees on World Bee Day, coming Saturday May 20th.

According to The Bee Conservancy, there are 4000 + species of bees native to North America; 1 in 4 species is in danger of extinction; and 1 of every three bites of food is a direct result of a pollinator...

So we need to save the bees somehow.

Here are five easy ways to help do so: (courtesy of Heifer International; for more details, click the link)

1. Let Your Lawn Get Back To Its Roots
2. Just Say No to Pesticides and Herbicides
3. Keep a Bee Garden
4. Shop Responsibly
5. Bee Informed

Have a great weekend and skip the lawn mower this weekend, eh? Let the bees have a smorgasbord.


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