Monday, May 15, 2023

Happy Mother's Day :0)


If you're a mom, I hope yesterday was as good a day as you could have had. I know it can be a challenging day for some for various reasons, so I don't expect that it was a happy, delightful day for everyone.

But I had the day I wanted, which was basically doing whatever I wanted. That included working on hockey book five, napping, and having cereal for every meal. Yes, indeed I did.

This past Thursday, May 11th, was National Eat What You Want Day, so I combined the two and opted to eat whatever I wanted on Mother's Day and everyone else followed the menu.

My challenge was choosing between cereal and pumpkin cake, but I opted for cereal because there's no prep other than buying the cereal and the milk and because I haven't had any cereal other than Cheerios since last year.

And let me say, my Frosted Mini Wheat with chocolate milk was DEEEEE-licious!

I also received a wonderful, much-appreciated gift from the brown-eyed girl and her soulmate: a puzzle easel and a puzzle.

From DD, I got a cross stitch frame (to hold projects while you work on them) and a set of three wooden patriotic gnomes. And of course, she's my hockey partner in crime.

Sonshine gifted me with a phone call.

DH left me to my own devices.

Rascal and Waldo gave me their usual love and affection.

The weather was wet and on the dreary side, but that meant that no yard work was calling my name and allowed me to stay housebound guilt free. Not that I would have felt guilty anyway. :0)

Here's to a great week... Catch you on Thursday.


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