Thursday, May 11, 2023

Carb Cycling / Workout Intensity Cycling Update


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We're coming up to the end of week three on the carb cycling / workout-intensity cycling program we've been on...

For the most part, it's been good. I've lost a few pounds, although I've seemed to reach a minor plateau.

We altered the schedule slightly after the first week to accommodate DH standing networking lunch so he can enjoy a few more things on the menu at the restaurant the group meets at.

And although I wasn't looking forward to the prospect at the outset of this plan, I am enjoying cooking again. This whole thing has had the added benefit of helping me keep up with #3 (exercise 3x per week) and achieve #10 (cook/eat healthy) on the fresh start goals list.

There have been a couple of (very) minor challenges.

One is to balance the types of protein we're ingesting. So when I'm menu planning--because, yes, I have to do that now--I have make sure it's not all red meat/beef. It's too easy to do that. Also DH likes his tacos two to three times a week, so that means just about everything else has to be pork, chicken, or fish.

Another is to balance the menu so we're not having the same protein for lunch and dinner...

A third--not so much a challenge as a streamlining process--is to plan meals that I can use up in later meals or freeze for later weeks. Chili, for example. A batch of chili is very high carb and contains red meat. Way more of both than we can consume in a week. Luckily it freezes well so I can freeze leftovers for later in the month.

And lastly, for me specifically, has been finding high intensity workouts with all low impacts on the body. My hips and knees are not quite ready for that yet. And I'm not convinced I need high impact at all either. I've been gathering various specific exercises from different videos and creating my own conglomeration of exercises. Then I can mix and match for my two high intensity days and also work up from five minutes to ten to, maybe, fifteen, down the road.

This plan has definitely kept my body on its toes, though. I've had bouts of extreme exhaustion just come upon me at certain times of day when I shouldn't feel like that. On all days too, not just the high intensity workout day. I might not be getting enough calories or I might need to shift my fasting window so I begin consuming calories sooner. It'll require some monitoring and note taking to pinpoint what's causing that.

Have a great weekend!


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