Monday, June 3, 2019

I must confess...

I've bought/brought more things into the house this last few weeks than I've purged. But I do think I'm at the end of that project unless I get super cutthroat and I'm not really ready to go down that road just yet.

Someday, just not now.

In other news, I got to meet the Stars new head coach Jim Montgomery. He's fun and personable, unlike many/most NHL coaches. Not only is this his first year with the Stars, it's his first year in the NHL. He hasn't learned to be vague or to bury his personality. He did great things for the team this year, and I was super excited for the opportunity. Honestly, I was surprised more people didn't show up. Their loss!

Photo evidence...

DD, her BFF, and me with Coach Monty!!

A very good day was had by all.

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