Friday, June 7, 2019

Happy Friday

It's been a rocky week. A major clusterfuck happened in the business we own, and DH spent the better part of the week angry and frustrated because no one in the companies involved could figure how to fix what someone in one of the two companies screwed up. It fell on him to figure out how to fix it...meaning he had to get high enough in the customer service food chain to find someone who knew how the different systems worked together. I know he's glad for the weekend for sure. Except it's almost fireworks season again and he'll be preparing for that.

On my end, I feel like I'm spinning my wheels a bit with Book 7. I keep writing and I'm churning out words, but I don't feel like I'm making progress. If I knew what the issue was I could probably solve it, you know? But I'm reaching the point where I'm wondering if it's time to move on to another project.

I hate to give up on my characters and for them to not get their happily ever after and for all those words to be for naught. (I'm at about 16K of a projected 35K.) Maybe I need a book/plot whisperer. So I plunked down $35 for some help. Kristen Lamb claims there's not a plot problem she can't solve, but what if it's an author problem and not a plot problem?? That one's a little harder to fix.

I meant to post Wednesday, but got busy with beginning-of-the-month tasks that needed to get done.

Wednesday's would-have-been topic? Office cleaning. I'd mentioned Monday that my 100 Things project seemed to be petering to a close, and it mostly is, but I got a wild hair on Tuesday while working from home to clean my home office. I'm talking about sorting through stuff, throwing stuff away, moving furniture and sweeping and dusting all surfaces. I stalled out at the bookshelf full of stuff in the corner. It was mostly full of paper and I undertook to go through it all.

And I did. I threw out a shit ton of paper and saved four story ideas that could be re-worked at some point. I went through all kinds of cross stitch stuff as well and only saved a handful of hand-created patterns that will go into my pattern software at some point.

I've also been going great guns in terms of my writers group. Last Friday, I mention that I was going to be president again and I've been going great guns in securing nominees for other positions, getting all the admin ducks in row, and just generally gearing up. It's going pretty well.

My dear friend N reminded me that a lot of writers give up writing time when they take on volunteer positions in their various volunteer organizations. That was definitely the first thought I had when asked to step up, but as I write so early in the morning before anyone else I might need to interact with is probably awake and functioning, so I'm not terribly worried, and I have time during the day job as well. But I will be vigilant about the writing time for sure.

Hope you have wonderful weekend!!

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