Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Happy Birthday to me...

Thank you, Google, for my birthday doodle. :0)

For my birthday, I get to watch the last game of the 2018-2019 NHL hockey season. Tonight is game seven of the Stanley Cup Final. Someone is walking away this year's Stanley Cup Champ.

Will it be the St. Louis Blues, who have never won a Stanley Cup? Ever.

Or will it be the Boston Bruins, who've won several over their history as one of the original six?

I haven't watched much hockey since my beloved Stars were knocked out of contention by said St. Louis Blues. But it's the last game of the season and I want to see the handshake line--one of my favorite hockey traditions--and I want to see who takes home the Cup.

Despite, the Stars loss, I want to see the Blues win. Mostly because I hate the Bruins. But also because, they're a Western Conference team. But mostly because they've never won and that would be a really cool thing to watch happen. Sadly for their fans, they aren't at playing at home tonight. Of course, they probably don't care as long as the team wins and brings the damn Stanley Cup home to St. Louis finally.

Three weeks ago, I couldn't imagine saying this, but...


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