Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Decisions, decisions...

So the NHL finally released the upcoming season's schedule for all teams...

We bought a full season this year, so now I have to pick and choose which games I want to attend and begin the process of putting the unwanted tickets into the secondary market. I will definitely be attending the Penguins single visit to Dallas. I'll definitely be attending at least one of the games Vegas will play here in Dallas.

There are some teams I have no desire to see, like Blackhawks or the Ducks or the Kings.


I didn't get my smaller swimsuit in time for the lake trip, but that's okay. I swam in the lake in shorts and a tee shirt and it worked out fine--especially after I got a little sunburned and opted for a long sleeved tee.

Here are a few more pictures from the trip.

 Midsummers dinner by the lake...

 Midsummer's eve sunset...

The view of the house from the boat.

 There's apparently a dinner cruise on Lake Conroe.
(or was at some point, it looked a little dilapidated)

There's also a lighthouse.

And here's me enjoying being in the bow of the boat as we cruised along.

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