Friday, April 5, 2019

This and That...

So a really cool thing happened the other day... I got notice from BookBub (a service that helps authors promote or readers find books) that someone had recommended my first book. What a pleasant surprise to find the notice in my email.

It's looking to be a terribly busy weekend for me, but as I've said before, I can sleep when I'm dead. Or at least when hockey season is over.

My writers group's biennial conference is all day Saturday with a Friday dinner with the speaker. Saturday night is the last hockey game of the season. Sunday night DD and I will be seeing a movie.

My short story is coming along too. A quick tally tells me I haven't crossed the maximum work count line yet, but it's bound to happen. The first draft, due 04.15, is going to be a hot mess. There is going to be a lot of down and dirty editing sessions in my near future.

As a Dallas Stars season ticket holder, I was offered my assigned seats for the possible 4 home games of the first round of playoffs. The cost? $3064. Yeah, no. DH and I discussed it and I could have attended the first game ($200 each seat=$400) and resold the rest. But then I got another email allowing me to buy extra tickets, so I went poking around and ended up with three pair of tickets to three separate games for less than that $400. A much better deal in my book. No, they're not my regular seats, but I can't really complain about any seat in the AAC. And I just want to be there and experience that atmosphere.

Not only am I attending three playoff games, but I am now the proud owner of tickets to the Winter Classic, one of a handful of games played outdoors during the season. The Winter Classic takes place on New Years Day in an unusual venue. Notably on football fields. This past New Years Day, a rink was created in the middle of Notre Dame Stadium. This year.... >>drum roll<<

Cotton Bowl Stadium here in Dallas!!! I've been waiting and waiting for my email and it finally arrived. So yeah. Life is pretty good right now.

Have a great weekend!!

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