Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Lightning Bolts and Penguins and Stars, oh my...

The Penguins and Lightning Bolts were both swept from the Stanley Cup playoffs. Meaning, they lost four straight.

The Lightning Bolts with the season's best record were the first team to clinch their playoff spot. They were eliminated by the team that clinched their spot last--the very last day of the regular season. It's been labeled the biggest choke in sports history. Ouch.

The Penguins (one of my faves, if you recall) also lost in four strait in its series. Surprising/not surprising. While I'm sorta sad for the Pens and my sweet baby favorite player Sidney Crosby, I'm terribly thrilled for the New York Islanders and specifically their goalie Robin Lehner.

Lehner came clean about his substance abuse and sought help. He sought a new contract and was given a chance by the New York Islanders and had a banner year for them, helping to get them to the playoffs after a two season hiatus. That's a redemption story I can get behind. One that I hope encourages more athletes to seek help. One that encourages more people in power to give second chances. So Lehner making it to the second round, I'm happy for the guy. He'll more than likely be awarded the Masterton Trophy winner for overcoming his adversity. But I'm excited for every achievement this guy can collect for himself.

(Until of course the Islanders meet the Stars in the Stanley Cup Finals, then all bets are off.)

As for my first playoff hockey was awesome!!! (Except for the part where we lost, ugh.) Here are a few pictures.

We had a blast. Can't wait for tonight. And as I keep chanting:

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