Wednesday, April 24, 2019


From this:

to this:

This was nowhere near the biggest upset of this year's playoffs, but it's a huge deal to Stars fans.

Next up:

The biggest travesty of this (and maybe every) playoffs is the lack of correct penalty calls against teams. Officials "say" they don't want to change the trajectory of the game, but aren't they doing that anyway when they don't call penalties or call icings? If one team has momentum but is committing penalties against the other team, shouldn't the other team get the benefit of relief with a penalty call?

Penalties should be called equally and fairly. The rules didn't change, just because the regular season ended. It's crazy ridiculous and I've heard just about every fan base complaining.

We have at least a three day breather while the last three series all go to game sevens. Two series will be decided today, one tomorrow.

I know y'all are probably getting tired of hockey. I'm probably boring you, but this is my life right now. Mostly...

There's the book, of course, and that's coming along. There's spring, which is wonderful. There's the fact that after four months of holding down the business fort while DH was out of town supporting family during medical issues and then two/three weeks of preparing for and filing taxes once he returned--I am finally able to work from home again two days a week. #iamblessed #technology

Hope you're having a great week.

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