Wednesday, April 3, 2019

My Dallas Stars are going to the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I missed Monday. :( I just didn't have anything meaningful or important to throw out in the universe. But today... Well.

Last night I watched an exciting game of hockey on tv where the Dallas Stars clinched their berth in the Stanley Cup Playoffs for the first time since 2016. Now DD and her BFF went to the American Airlines Center and I didn't get go. I was disappointed at first for how it played out that I didn't, but had I been there, the game wouldn't have played out the way it did. Three pebbles tossed in a pond create a different set of ripples than only two pebbles would, so I'd rather have the win in the fashion it came than be there and I'm glad the girls got to experience it.

As a season ticket holder, I have first dibs on playoffs tickets, so I am now the proud owner of three sets of tickets to the playoffs... DD and I will attend the fist two home games of the first round as well as a home game in the second round should the Stars make it that far.

One more home game on Saturday and then playoffs begin April 10th... Because we are a Wild Card team, we will not have home ice advantage for the first two games. Which I'm okay with.

So that's what's taking up a lot of gray matter right now, even though I have a couple other things than need my focus. After I post this...that's what I'm doing.

Have a great rest of your week. See you Friday.

And as always: BE LOUD!! WEAR GREEN!! GO STARS!!

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