Monday, January 28, 2019

Time is Precious...

Due to some really random circumstances, DD has been living at home with us for the last almost-four-years. She'd moved out, but then stuff happened and she needed a quick place to relocate. The only requirement we had was her paying rent this time around. She was amenable and one of my babies was back in the nest.

She's very low maintenance and I don't have to feed her unless I want to. She's basically a boarder and as an adult in her late 20s, comes and goes as she pleases.

I've loved having her home again. We are very similar creatures and can share space with little conflict. Being able to spend time with her when she deigns to do so, is precious time well spent. Eventually, though, she's going to move out again, and when choosing people to do things with, I'm not going to be on the top of the list. As it mostly should be. I hope as I get older, I become first choice every now and again.

Yesterday, we ended up at Stars open practice again. She'd originally planned to go with her BFF and her BFF's kids, but one kid fell ill and they couldn't go. I was the backup plan. It's fine. I'm happy for any time offered, even as a second choice. And I'm grateful for the overlap of hockey as interests in our lives.

I had other tentative plans for yesterday afternoon. But time with any of my kids is precious, and I opted to spend yesterday afternoon with my darling younger daughter.

We didn't end up getting any new autographs, but most of the healthy roster was on hand and it was interesting to see the various sessions of things they practiced.

Some pictures, because why not?

 Here's my bruiser, Roman might remember him from last week's celebrity dinner party post.

Coach Monty...third coach in three years. One of the few coaches in NHL history to come up from the college coach ranks.

This is Anton Khudobin, also from the dinner party post, all geared up and awaiting some action.

One of our young defensemen, Esa Lindell, bouncing the puck on his stick blade.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and got to spend some time with the special people in your lives.

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