Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Enjoyed a lovely day with my Darling Daughter...

This past Sunday, DD and I went to the Dallas Stars open practice. It was apparently an optional practice as only three players were on the ice and they were three players that hadn't participated in the previous night's loss again the St. Louis Blues. Two are injured players who should be back in the lineup any time now, hence practice, and the other a healthy scratch--meaning they had too men for a certain position and one of them can't play.

Once practice was over, we waited outside one of the facility doors for players to exit so that we could get a few autographs. The three autographs we ended getting were not from the three players on the ice, though.

I'd been saving my tickets for other reasons, but when pondering what to take for signatures yesterday morning--as our decision to go to open practice was made the night before on the way home from the game--the thought occurred to me and sparked joy. (more on that phrase later)

Here are a few pictures of practice...

 #25 Brett Ritchie, the healthy scratch

 #5 Connor Carrick, foot injury

#16 Jason Dickinson, back injury

On a fun note, DD was able to grab the errant puck that hit the net and fell through the netting and the glass. She was very thrilled.

Also, while we were waiting for autographs, I got to meet Josh Bogorad--the Dallas Stars play-by-play commentator. That was cool too. :0) I should have taken a picture with the guy!! Shoot--

On a side note...after acquiring a lot of stuff  over the holidays (we won't talk about how much stuff!!), it's time for me to get back to clearing stuff out, so look for a report on Friday.

Have a great week.

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