Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Or not!!

I caught the crud going around and am putting up the good fight. I have no cough and I can still sleep pretty well. I had a sinus pressure headache that I didn't feel like battling my way through, so I bought some OTC sinus medication. Pain relief within twenty minutes! That's the good thing about not taking anything on a regular basis, not even ibuprofen--my system is completely cleared out so I don't have any built up tolerances.

My body was sore from the reinstated workouts and it welcomed the day off I took from the gym, allowing it to fight this cold instead.

I also decided to work from home today so that I could  rest or nap as needed. It's been close to three months since I worked from home. My desk was a mess of piles since I hadn't needed it for anything other than storage.

Hope you've avoided catching whatever's going around...

See you Friday.

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