Monday, February 26, 2018

The Royal Family

So... One of my random minor interests for a long time has been the British Royal Family. The quote-unquote fairy tale of Prince Charles and Princess Diana happened back when I was in my formative years. Most young girls probably had a passing interest, right? I mean, upper crust, but common girl meets and falls in love (maybe) with the heir to the British throne. What's not to get caught up in?

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And like many, I bought into the Diana-as-a-victim portrayal for many years. There's no doubt she struggled and had issues and a horrible lack of education-in-dealing-with-being-royal and not much in the way of a support system. But Charles, too, faced his share of issues and challenges.

I recently watched a six-part documentary on the Royal Family and it really rounded out my knowledge of things. I'm not a super-fan/follower, but over the years, I've really gained a new sympathy for Charles and have come see/believe that he was never the bad guy that news rags and magazines made him out to be. Of course, it takes two to tango, as the saying goes, so he's not absolved of everything, but it appears Diana was a lot less innocent than she appeared.

Any other royal watchers out there?

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