Friday, February 2, 2018

Feeling the Pressure

Self pressure is still pressure...

There's a lot on my plate at the moment, most of it isn't terribly time sensitive, although the sooner I do it, the better it will be, but I need to shake off that need to try get everything done right now.

As soon as I can is good enough.

Although A.S.A.P. always seems to come with a sense of urgency. But if we take the phrase at face value, it means exactly what it says. It doesn't mean you necessarily have to push off other things to get something done, just get to it as soon as you can. When there's an opening in your schedule. When time allows.

I mentioned my BIG FAT TO DO list a couple of weeks ago and those things are weighing heavily on me to get done, but in addition to sorting out tasks for books that are already written, I do need to actually write the next one. But, of course, I'm struggling with that as well.

Nothing to do but take a deep breath and pick one thing on the list and do it. Then pick another and do it. And then the next and the next until everything gets done. Of course, there are another handful of things that need to be added, but I suppose, eventually, I'll run out of things to add.

The good thing about the list is that it's there and I don't have to add worrying about forgetting something.

The weekend's here, which means I'll have some time to work on the list.

How about you?? Big plans for the weekend?

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