Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Are you on Pinterest?

I'm not on it a lot, unless I'm extremely bored and every other avenue of entertainment has been exhausted.


I get emails several times a week letting me know that other people have pinned things I've previously pinned. I also get emails with tempting of images of things I've previously searched for.

Somehow, I got an email tempting with miniatures, which--wait, what??

I've always wanted to build/create/decorate a dollhouse. But they're not cheap and so I've just never been able to really get into it.

So I get this email and I click and look and look and look. I'm pretty good about not getting sucked down the rabbit hole to far or for too long. And a new world has opened up to me as far as miniatures go--

There are tutorials on making all the things you need, not just buying stuff. Making things out of cardboard--yee haw. I have plenty of that.  Making stuff out of household scraps. Got tons of that too.

I could build a single room, shadow bow or diorama style. No need to go whole hog on a whole house.

For now, I'll just keep perusing and saving until something leaps out and grabs me hard.

Are you a Pinner??

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