Monday, December 4, 2017

The STARS at night are big and bright...

There's not much rattling around in the old noggin right now except hockey and cross stitching--so that's what you get. :0) I've watched or listened/slept through (only last night) the last four games and the STARS are on a bit of tear. They won three of four games prior to that.

They're winning against teams in their own division which is a very good thing as it puts them in a better position to make the playoffs come March and April.

If you want to watch a spectacular diving save by our goalie, click in at the 7:20 mark and watch--it happens right at 7:30!!

In cross stitch news, I finished the major project /Christmas gift I was working on and got it into Michael's for framing and it'll be ready for giving before Christmas, so YAY. I've started on some smaller projects which are also hockey related and for Christmas gifts. I should be able to get a couple of them done.

So anyway Happy Monday and Happy Holidays...

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