Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Do you listen to podcasts?

I've listened to a couple over the years when they came across my radar and seemed interesting. I enjoyed them, but in general podcasts are not things I go out and actively search for.

Last week, I listened to a specific episode of a podcast because the creator of that hockey webcomic I love so much was interviewed and I ended up enjoying the rest of the episode as well, sooo...

I subscribed to the podcast and then went back and listened from the beginning, which thankfully was only a year and a half ago and also thankfully airs weekly.

Anyway, it's mostly a hockey podcast (of course) with some other random TV and movie chatter thrown in. The two "hosts" are hockey/sports writers for various entities, hockey fans, and just general middle aged bros, and I like their humor.

One of the most interesting things about listening the podcast from the beginning is that they started this leading into the 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs and that's right around the same time I was getting into hockey. I watched a little bit of the playoffs at the time, but not a whole lot.

Anyway, I've learned a lot about hockey since then, but it's amusing to hear their predictions as each round was played through, knowing what I know now about that season as well as the following one. I'm also looking forward to what they have to say about everything that's happened since that I paid attention or affected my teams.

So back to the original you listen to podcasts?

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