Monday, November 20, 2017

Time to think about Christmas shopping...

It seems like it should be too early, but I'll be stuck on a ship during some prime shopping days, so...

It's time to think about Christmas shopping. Who I need to buy for, what I'm going to get them. I do have one gift in my hot little hands and I'm super excited about it. Alas, it's for Sonshine who probably won't be home until January to receive it.

I've been cross stitching one gift, and I think I need to speed up the process a little. I'll have the four day Thanksgiving break, though, to make some progress, so fingers crossed I can get as close to done as possible. It'll need to be framed, which I may end up running out of time for.

Two other gifts are on order...

I'm getting confused think about this all of a sudden. It must be time to create the annual Christmas Gift spreadsheet. Yes, I use spreadsheets even for that. It's easy to keep track of who has what gifts and how much of budgeted amount has been spent on each person. I can also go back to previous years to see what was bought.

No, this isn't what my spreadsheet looks like, but it's cute.

On that note, enjoy the short work week and the long holiday weekend!!

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