Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cruising the Caribbean

So... I was on a Western Caribbean cruise last week. My first cruise, as a matter of fact. We sailed on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas--a very large ship. About as large, we discovered, as the USS Nimitz, the aircraft carrier my Sonshine's been on. :0)

From the gangway onto the boat...

DH and I traveled with my mother-in-law, both my sisters-in-law and one of their husbands. Sadly, the other husband couldn't get the time off work. There were a few challenges, but I think that overall everyone had an enjoyable trip. I did, and DH and I have already booked another cruise. Same ship, same ports of call, although we'll be traveling on our own next time.

This was our cozy cabin...

I'm standing up against the door looking in. The closet was at my left shoulder, the bathroom at my right (you can see the door handle, just there). For the amount of time we spent there, it was roomy enough. We did have a port hole behind the curtain.

The first full day was a sea day and DH wasn't quite sure how to power down enough to relax. :0) But here he is trying...

Each cabin obviously has a cabin steward to come perform housekeeping duties. Harris came twice a day, once in the am and once again during dinner, leaving us a towel animal each evening.

There's more to come, but that's it for today. Have you been on a cruise? If so, where'd you go?

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