Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Traditions, Part I

A few years ago, I did a Countdown to Christmas series of posts and rambled on about many of the things we do (or did) in our house in regards to Christmas... Sadly, with the kids gone, many things have fallen by the wayside, but one thing that won't is the yearly ornament.

The kids all have an ornament for every Christmas they've celebrated. Any that have gone missing I've tried to replace. Sometimes I buy them ready to hang, sometimes I make them, sometimes I buy things than need embellishment.

Here a few ornaments from past years...

 I decorated a red bell for one of the girls and a green one for the other...not sure what Sonshine got.

 Three years ago, everyone got cross stitched Christmas bulbs with their initial and the year on it.

I'm on the hunt for this year's offering. I saw some cute metal plaid letters at Michael's the other day, but the display had been cleaned out and there were no more of the letters I need. Bummer.


I've had a background love affair with snow globes for a while and have some ideas on how to incorporate the concept into an ornament. So stayed tuned!

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