Friday, March 3, 2017

The big announcement...

My announcement's not as big as I'd hoped it would be because I wanted to use the logo I commissioned. But I don't care for it. It's not that it's bad quality or anything, it's perfectly fine, but it's not what I envisioned despite my best efforts to describe what I wanted. So back to the drawing board. I did make a mock up though, so the next person has an exact template to work from, and they can, you know, make it much nicer and professional looking.

But I'm official as of this past Knotted Hearts Publishing--tying knots two hearts at a time. The mock up:

I made it to the bank on Wednesday to open a business checking so that I can create all my retailer accounts (Amazon, Nook Press, etc.) as they require banking info so as to have someplace to feed all those royalties I'm going to earn into. >>big grin<<

Also on Wednesday, I told a "stranger" what I am up to for the first time. To be honest, my business banker isn't a total stranger. He's been handling our other business accounts for years, and he and I share an affinity for hockey. In fact, we spent a lot of time while he was setting up my new account talking about the hockey trades that happened to the Dallas Stars--we lost four players!

Anywho, he asked what Knotted Hearts Publishing was for and I told him. He was very excited for me and wished me the best. I realize he wants me to succeed so his employer makes money, but I still think he was genuinely pleased for me. Anyway, it was a nice "first time" experience.

There you have it...I'm very excited and I'm still having fun. Can't forget that. Life is too short to not enjoy your endeavors. This is the first time ever--as DH noted last week--that I've planned and worked for something long term. I want to do it right, but still enjoy the heck out of the journey.

Happy Friday, ya'll. Have a great weekend.

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