Monday, March 27, 2017


Friday night I went to the Stars game with DD and one of her close girlfriends as part birthday celebrations for both girls. As you can see the Stars pulled off a win against the San Jose Sharks.

(DD on the right, her friend on the left.)

Not only did I get to experience my first live Stars win, but I also got to witness a live Hat Trick! This is when a single player scores three goals in one game. In response, fans throw their hats onto the rink. Congrats to Adam Cracknell for his first career Hat Trick.

 Those little black dots are the hats and the ice girls and others are skating around scooping them up.

I had a super time with the girls and watching the BOYS win.

Also, I wore the custom, hand-made Dallas Stars scarf my momma crocheted for me. It kept me warm throughout the game (without having to wear my coat). Of course, I was sitting about as far away from the ice as I could get--note the wall behind the girls.

THANKS MOMMA!!!! Love my scarf!

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