Monday, March 6, 2017

Getting Way Ahead Of Myself...

Some days I get in a super groove and wish I had more time to spend on this crazy little gig called being a published author. Then I wondered if I'd be as disciplined at being a writer (and publisher) if I had even half my days fully available to me to focus solely on writing/revising/publishing tasks.

Could I juggle my time properly and make sure I spent the necessary time on what needed my attention on any given day?

I'd like to say, "Of course, I would!" But I'm only human and am as susceptible to common distractions as the next person. Housework, TV, a really good book, the out-of-doors on a gorgeous morning--but hey, in Texas, you have to take advantage of those because, come summer, they're few and far between! Well, they're gorgeous looking, but too hot and/or humid to be out in them.

I am fairly disciplined, though, and I keep track of my to-do's with lists, lists, and more lists. Oh, and spreadsheets. There are a dozen of those I touch on any given day. (I swear.) Right now, I've got a composition book for the publishing company with a full sheet (front & back) for each month and the things that need to happen. I'm happy to say, I'm on track so far, but it's only been a month. :0)

I asked a couple of author friends of mine if they still found the process fun as full-time authors. One said she didn't think she ever found writing 100% fun and the other gave me an unequivocal YES. Writing has almost always been a fun thing for me. It's been solace and friend in turns as well.

I think I just need to keep my perspective as time goes by and always enjoy the work, enjoy the creativity, and the subject matter. I need to keep life balanced and feed the muse as much as I abuse him to make the magic happen.

Happy Monday! Let's make it a great week.

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