Friday, December 18, 2015

So not prepared...

...for today's blog. But I am, surprisingly, just about ready for Christmas. I mean shopping wise, anyway. Just two last gifts to purchase and a couple to make at home (bought the last ingredient on the way to work this morning). Wrapping is in progress. Dinner is bought. Just waiting for one of the key ingredients--Sailor Sonshine. He'll be home in a couple of weeks and we'll have a delayed celebration.

Ornaments, however, are still in progress. I added a couple of people to the list, so I bought two of these stars.

This red/black one is for DD's BFF. The back side will be identical except that the corresponding slopes will be the other color. The other star is going to similar, but red and blue (for the Houston Texans) for the Brown Eyed Girl's significant other. On that star, however, I'm going match the colors from side to side. It's gotta be as unique as it can be right?

One of the bells, which was the original ornament for my Brown Eyed Girl's boyfriend is being reassigned to DD's roommate, who also happens to be her BFF's sister. Confused yet? :) I guess as long as I know whose is whose, right?

I'm still waiting for some sort of epiphany on the red and green bells. They still look like this. I wanted to have more glitter sort of down the top with a jagged-y edge, but my attempt turned out awful, and I had to clean off the glue and glitter, which also removed the color. So I had to re-color it and we're back to square one. I may just have to go with a more curvy edge.

On a final note, yesterday was Sonshine's 20th birthday. Sadly he's half a country away and no dinner or hugs or presents could be had (yet), but I got to talk to him at least.

And even though he doesn't read my blog,


 Early September when we visited him.

 Last year, with DD on the right, the Brown Eyed Girl on the right, when he came home for Christmas just after graduating from Navy boot camp.

Nineteen years ago, just shy of one year old.

Where on earth as the time gone??

Have a great weekend!

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