Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I've gotten terrible about posting on time...

...or planning ahead. It's like the good old days when I just sat down each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning and some random topic would come to mind and I'd spew my thoughts onto the blog.

These days, there's a lot more going on in the brain, mostly right now, there are stories. The epic BBC Sherlock Highlander AU is still a work in progress, but it's slow going because my brain is working out some stuff. The goal is 250 each day even if it's crap that will be deleted later. Sometimes that's part of the process. Get the extraneous stuff out of the brain and onto the page so the brain has more space for the better stuff.

But I also spent a couple of days refilling the well and catching up on the dozen or so episodes I'd missed of the three shows I watch. I gave up TV in favor of writing part one of the above-mentioned epic. Whew--there was some good stuff going on there. I'm really loving Code Black.

And Agent Carter come back in January. I loved last year's mini-season and didn't realize they'd be returning with another. So looking forward to that.

I saw a trailer for the next Star Trek reboot movie--LOVE! Despite my celebrity crush, Benedict Cumberbatch, being in the second one (Into Darkness) I really liked the first one better. Definitely looking forward to seeing how the third one plays out.

(Any excuse to get a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch on the blog, right?)
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All right, so happy hump day. See y'all on Friday. I'll try to come prepared. :)


Unknown said...

I think I'll have to binge watch Agent Carter to prep for the return!

Jen FitzGerald said...

Good idea...I wonder if I can squeeze one in too. :)