Monday, December 21, 2015

I've been busy and I'm done shopping...

...or so I thought. I ran out Saturday afternoon and bought what I believed to be the very last gift. And what a gift--12-year-old Glen Moray Scotch in a gift box with a couple of glasses.

But then as I wrapping presents and admiring a piece of wall art I bought for my daughter, I realized the saying was off. All the phrases were there, they'd just been attached in the wrong order. Ugh. Yesterday morning I went back to the store from whence I'd purchased said wall art to see if they had any more of the same sentiment. But no--they had two others, neither of which I liked as much. I returned the thing since Customer Service had opened up while I'd been grocery shopping and then returned home. I searched Amazon, but didn't find anything I liked. I'll keep looking since I won't be giving that gift until after the New Year. I have a little time.

As for the busy...well, between wrapping presents (about halfway done) and writing, I've been making home-made bath products for my sisters-in-law. Chocolate, orange, and pumpkin spice. Don't those sound lovely? I tried out the orange bath salts last night myself and the bath was worth it for the smell alone! That whole endeavor would be even better if I liked taking baths more often, but I can barely stand to shower, much less soak. So I have to find a way to use up or give away whatever's left over.

I also found a simple method for getting labels off my cinnamon jars (or any jar)--soak them in boiling hot water until the water has cooled enough to work in, scrape the labels off with a sharp paring knife, and then use nail polish remover to remove the remaining adhesive. I'd been saving up those little jars for at least a year and thought they'd be perfect for a "serving size" of the bath stuff. I'm going to print decorative labels for them and voila!

Giving any homemade gifts this year? Do tell!

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